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Picture of bedbug biting mouth.
Electron micrograph of a bed bug, digitally colorized with the bug's skin-piercing mouthparts highlighted in purple and red. Courtesy of Wikipedia. Bed bugs are bloodsucking insects that are attracted to their victims primarily by the carbon dioxide present in each exhaled breath of humans and animals, and secondarily by body warmth. A bed bug pierces the skin of its host with what is called a stylet  fascicle. It takes between 5 to 10 minutes for a bed bug to become completely engorged with blood. The parasite thrives at a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees Fahreinheit, so rather than reside on its host, it feeds and returns to the cool, dark hiding places that it favors. Pest control professionals and entomologists are reporting a dramatic increase in bedbug infestations throughout the world.

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Picture of Bedbugs and Eggs
Grown adults are about the size of an apple seed. Adults are brown until they consume some blood, after which they turn reddish brown. Pinhead sized nymphs, or non-adults, are smaller and are whitish or gold until they feed -- just about the color of a mattress, making them difficult to see. Although bed bugs can live for a year without feeding, they normally try to feed on humans every five to ten days. Humans are nearly ideal prey for bed bugs because humans have less hair than other mammals---thus providing direct access to skin and making bedbug feeding much easier for these blood suckers. Bed bugs are one of the few parasites that feed almost exclusively on human blood

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Research on Bed Bugs and Ozone

Read the 2012 Purdue University Research bed study that discovered that high levels of ozone are effective in killing bedbugs.

Please note that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has NOT registered or approved ozone generators for the killing of any kind of insects.


Here's a summary of the major defects of the four NON-OZONE bedbug killing methods:

  1. Chemical Treatment of bedbugs is relatively ineffective (normally a 50% kill), resulting in the need for multiple treatments, and the long term effects of the bedbug chemicals on the human body aren't clearly known.

  2. Dry Steaming and Vacuuming - "dry" steam?  Water isn't "dry."  There will 
    always be some water residual, which can become a breeding ground for
    mold and other microorganisms; it's difficult to find impregnated female bed 
    bugs as they normally leave the colony and move to remote places.  In most 
    cases this method needs to be followed by Chemical Treatment.
  3. Heat Systems - excessive heat can cause delamination of furniture and 
    damage other building materials; the risk of fire (see below); concrete and 
    other building materials are difficult to get to 140 degrees.
    Here's a link to the recent building fire in Cincinnati caused by this method 
    which is mentioned in the above bedbug video:
  4. Freezing/Cryogenic - similar to dry steaming, getting the "cold" into the hidden 
    spaces is difficult.  As with dry steaming, this method needs to be followed by 
    Chemical Treatment.

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Health Problems Caused by Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have potential allergen and respiratory effects, much like cockroaches. In addition, night-feeding bed bugs disrupt  their human victims’ sleep, resulting in fatigue and mental health complications. For some victims, the bites cause mild to serious skin reactions that result in soreness or itching.
Bed bug bites may also cause itchy red welts or swelling. Scientists say there may be as many as 40 pathogens that could potentially live inside a bed bug or around its mouth area. The biggest risk for humans comes from secondary bacterial infection, which would be as a result of scratching the skin. Scratching, if it breaks the skin, allows bacteria to penetrate - but the bacteria would not have been from the bed bug.  Those who experience bites may also feel paranoia about the pests during the day and especially at night. Delusionary parasitosis, in which the person believes he or she is being actively bitten by the insects throughout the day, may be incited by concern about bed bug activity, according to some researchers.

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?
Bed bugs can live in beds. all upholstered furniture, clothing, carpets, under wallpaper, behind baseboards, inside wall cavities, and in small cracks and crevices throughout a room.

How do buildings become infested with bed bugs?
Bed bugs enter a home or other building from---
  • Bugs and eggs that "hitchhiked in" on pets, or on clothing and luggage
  • Infested items (such as furniture or clothing) brought in
  • Nearby dwellings or infested items, if there are easy routes (through duct work or false ceilings)
  • Wild animals (such as bats or birds)
  • People visiting from a source of infestation; bed bugs, like roaches, are transferred by clothing, luggage, or a person's body.

Can I Smell Bed Bugs?
The smell of a bed bug infestation, though distinct, is often too difficult for most people to notice. Bed bugs are said to smell like sweet, rotten raspberries, and it's also said that an infested room smells like almonds.

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